This just might be the coolest thing I’ve seen in the last 26 minutes of blog browsing!  A mod, stylish chicken coop aimed to bring fresh hand-picked eggs to the masses… oh yeah!  I’m talking Omlet, a company based out of the UK that now sells its rockin’ bird lair, the eglu, stateside.

Look at those happy hens! Maybe they just had an awesome nap in their high style chartreuse abode!

The eglu can accommodate up to 6 chickens… When ordered, it comes with everything you need to properly care for your new feathered friends.  A 10 gauge steel run has a door that allows the birds to roam freely if desired… A run shade acts as a perfect gentleman, protecting your chickens from wind and rain… You’ll also get a food container and an Omlet guide to keeping chickens… Most importantly, you can order up to four actual chickens with each eglo!  Let’s take a peak at some of the options we have:

Appenzeller Barthuhner          Pekinbantom           Indian Game Jubilee

Silkie Gold                      Sebright Gold                   Cochin Buff

Houdan                   Miss Pepperpot             Yellow Penciled Freisan

You also get your choice of four different colors for your eglo.  I like the blue one… which color do you like?

Some FAQ’s on chicken ownership:

Q: Are chickens noisy?
A: You do not have to worry about noise from your chickens if you only keep female chickens. The only noise you will hear is a gentle clucking as your chickens’ search for worms and a satisfying cluck as an egg is laid.

Q: Will the chicken get along with my other pets?
Chickens get on well with most animals including cats, dogs and rabbits.  You don’t need to worry about the chickens being attacked, they can generally hold their own – a small peck on the nose normally does the trick.

Q: Will we be breaking any state laws?
There are a few states which prevent you from keeping a rooster if you live in a city but you don’t need one to have fresh eggs so you can just keep female chickens. It is worth explaining to your neighbors that they won’t hear any noise and as a nice gesture you could promise them any spare eggs.

Q: How many eggs will the chickens lay?
Chickens lay the most eggs in their first year, around 300 or so. Egg levels decrease slowly every year, but the size of the egg increases.  So, although you get slightly less, you get slightly more.  Ya dig?


An eglo would make a great gift… Hell, go ahead make up an occasion for getting a stylish hen-pen for a loved one.  Bastille Day is this Monday the 14th… I’m sure your wife would love a coop for this French day of rebellion!  And hey… they’re relatively affordable… you can pick up a chicken-less eglo for $495 or get one with your choice of two chickens for $20 more.  Order information HERE.

A dozen organic eggs can cost up to $4 these days… if you have two birds, that’s 600 eggs in a year = 50 dozen.  A $200 value in a year’s output!… Those things lay gold, I swear!

In synopsis… purchasing a chicken coop this summer, (which is now stylish and user friendly thanks to Omlet), is a Cock-a-doodle-DO!