We all know ’em… most of us love ’em.  They’re as cute as an 8 week old puppy.  They are the smart cars, manufactured by DaimlerChrysler, and are finally scheduled to be sold in the states early 2008.  These cute little buggers have been popular in other parts of the world now for quite some time and will attempt to crack the SUV-crazed American market.


Deposits of $99 are now being taken at the smartUSA website, allowing you to reserve your own smart fortwo.  Base price for this model is $11,590.

Here’s how you park your car the smart way!

The smart is an iconic figure in the international automobile scene.  It represents an urban friendly, bigger-is-not-better approach to transit.  It gets about 40 miles per gallon under normal driving conditions…. Here in the states we think safety before ecology, so many have asked, “what happens when the smart gets hit by one of those bloated American land-barges?”.  Well… it features a ‘tridion safety cell’ and is projected to get a 4-star crash rating…. try and hit me Suburban, I’ll swerve around your clumsy a**!

Many are curious as to how it will sell in the sprawled out, oversized American market.  This is particularly interesting because the smart has prided itself as the ‘un-American’ car, as seen in this billboard for the forfour in South Africa.

I ironically chuckle that this billboard is from ClearChannel.

So if you got what it takes to brave the big city in this little warrior, hop on that reservation list and you could be parking whereever you damn-well-please within 6 months time… amen to that!


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