I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t like plants… and if you come across someone who says they aren’t fans of our foliage friends, tell them that they should hold their breath for the rest of their lives, because that’s what life would be like w/o them!

Bringing vegetation into our built environment is great for several reasons… 1. Plants are beautiful and create dynamic design elements.  2. They are great air filters.  3. I can’t think of a 3 right now, but 1 and 2 are reason enough to get green in the literal sense!  To help us beatify and purify our homes is the Woolly Pocket Garden Company… they have an incredible line of planters that can be applied traditionally on a floor or defy gravity with wall clinging capabilities.


Pictured above is the Woolly Wally Five, over nine feet of lateral planting opportunity.  It features five 22″ wide pouches that can be lined for indoor use.  The Woolly Five sells for $143, which is a pretty incredible ratio of value vs. visual awesomeness.

If you’re not cool enough to put plants on your wall, you can pick up one of many traditional floor planters, like this Woolly Patch pictured above.  It costs $45 and like all other Whoollys is handmade here in the US of A from 100% recycled plastic bottles that have been industrially felted.  For interior uses, an optional liner made of 60% recycled plastics can be purchased with each product to protect furniture, record players, your Beanie Baby collection, etc.

Here’s a before and after application that might inspire you to get creative in your own home:



Pretty fresh, eh?  I certainly am enthused to snag a couple Pockets for my own abode.  Vertical gardens, or living walls, have been on my mind for a couple years and can now fit within my budget.

If the B & A shown above aren’t quite dramatic enough for you, check out this courtyard full of Woolly Pocket products!


What’s stopping you from creating your own little Garden of Eden, complete with a gaggle of naked 20 somethings?  Nothing now, my friends!  If you do create a courtyard as rockin’ as this… A. Please invite me over for an afternoon mimosa and B. Watch out for talking snakes!

photos via Woolly Pocket Garden Company.


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