Blonde babes on bicycles and exceptional eco-design… arguably my two favorite things on planet Earth. This being said, I’ve been a pretty happy camper the past 9 months as I’ve been living in Sweden, home to an abundance of both these glorious entities. As much as I’d like to write about stylish ladies cruising around on two wheels, I think I’d probably have to start a new blog to do that. This blog, of course, is about the latter of my loves… eco-design.

Sweden is an international hub for quality, stylish and sustainable design. From Ikea to Volvo, Sweden’s got design covered. One shining example of Scandinavian design is Western Harbour, a 21 acre mixed-use development in the city of Malmo. I’ve been through there a handful of times now and am blown away at how friggin’ wicked the project is. Completely self-sufficient energy and waste systems, amazing integration of green space and ecosystems, and Santiago Calatrava’s Turning Torso, what’s not to love!?!…. Well, last weekend I went through there again and remembered to bring my camcorder, so I spun it into this little ditty… enjoy!