I love finding these little tidbits or samples of what we may see on our roads in the future, near or far…. So here is another shining example of creative new technologies used to improve our current transit situation.  Meet the VentureOne from Venture Vehicles.  It’s a three-wheeled hybrid/electric machine capable of reaching the ambitious centennial duo of mpg and mph… that is, it can get 100 miles per gallon and reach 100 miles per hour.  What do ya say we take a quick peak at this wild ride?

The dude driving it looks like Josh Hartnett and the chick in the back is lovin’ life a little too much.

So the VentureOne is a pretty revolutionary vehicle… it has a plug-in, flex-fuel Hybrid drive train and achieves the agility of a motorcycle by a super-fly tilting approach to steering.  The harder you turn, the deeper the vehicle tilts, potentially reaching 1g of force!  The manufacturers refer to the driving experience as ‘flying the road’.  Sounds like FUN!!!


Here’s a shot of the VentureOne’s ‘cockpit’.

The VentureOne will come in three options.  Two as flex-fuel versions, capable of surpassing 350-mile range and the third as an all electric option with a 120-mile range.  (FYI… current numbers for electric vehicles suggest they run at the equivalent of $.60 a gallon right now.  Pretty incredible.)  Pre-orders for sales are being taken right now on the company’s website, and the price point is listed at under $20,000.  This one’s definitely goin’ in my arsenal!!!


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