The majority of peops out there instantly associate wallpaper with the dreaded process of removing it while flipping their deceased great aunts’ house for resale.  It is, believe it or not, slowly dropping its negative reputation… Trove is one of the many reasons why.

Designed by Jee Levin and Randall Buck, the Trove line features gorgeous oversized organic patterns that redefine what wallpaper can be… honestly the freshest wall application I’ve seen in a long time.

If these papers were made out of pure PVC with inks of hazardous waste, I would still consider using them (cause they’re that fly)… The fact that they’re eco-friendly, made from linen textured paper with a non-toxic wax-based coating, makes my year (fiscal 2008).

The two patterns shown above are Indi on the left, and Errai to the right.  Below are my two favorites… Ankaa and Alula (is this a Sigur Ros album or something?).  I’m considering either of these for an accent wall in my office.


For more info on this incredible product line, which stole the show at the 2008 International Contemporary Furniture Fair, follow this link HERE.


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