A two wheel in front, one in back configuration is starting to pick up some traction in the scooter scene, offering more stability without sacrificing mobility.  A couple European manufacturers are leading the charge in this innovative concept.  I want to first highlight Peugeot, who has created a flippin’ sweet little getup called the HyMotion3 Compressor.  It’s not in development phase yet, but many eager Metro Hippies out there are hoping it will be soon…. Let’s take a look:


Pretty darn cool, eh?

The concept two-person vehicle has an innovative hybrid drive train.  It has a supercharged 4 stroke 125cc engine that powers the rear wheel and separate electric motors that independently run the two front wheels.  The electric assist is powered by regenerative braking and allows the vehicle to record 118 miles per gallon!  A fully encompassed glass fairing keeps riders out of the elements while maintaining unobstructed visibility… mmmm… want one sooo bad!

Word on the street is Peugeot is working on development of the trike for consumers in warmer climates, which will most likely not include the U.S…. drag!  Americans however can get their hands on a similar set of wheels manufactured by Piaggio, albeit not quite as cool, and not nearly as eco-friendly…. Their line of MP3 scooters are already proving to be quite a hit at the scooter party.

The MP3 is offered in 250, 400 and 500cc options that range in price from $7,199 to $8,899.  They each have 3.2 gallon tanks and can get between 55-65 miles per gallon, reaching speeds up to 89 miles per hour!  This would be a fun lil ride… both the HyMotion3 and the MP3s offer very active experiences with potential to really grip and rip through turns… A larger windshield is an option for the Piaggios as well, making them a solid possibility for touring.

I think I’m gonna start a trike gang… who’s in?


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