…. Consider this home, the Clere Street Penthouse by Tonkin Liu.  This incredible rooftop abode is currently on the market through The Modern House Estate Agents.  Price?  You’ll have to find that one out yourself!

When I first saw this, I was a bit angry… why might you ask?  Well, this is kinda my personal dream…. to build a house on an old warehouse in the middle of the city…. to add greenery and life to a building or neighborhood that’s been overlooked for generations… to show by example that we can shatter conceptions of what the urban experience can be.

This specific residence consists of the top level of the warehouse and the steel and glass addition above…. It totals 2330 sq feet and features 6 bedrooms, 5 of which are on the warehouse level.  A rooftop patio offers panoramic views of downtown London.

I love this quote by architecture critic and author Ruth Slavic, “Spend a little time [in the apartment] and you begin to see other flat-roofed blocks as somehow unfinished. Homes in the sky have never looked so appealing.”

Could Ruth be on to something?  Might we, twenty years down the road, see all of these flat-roofs developed, forming a community of rooftop dwellers?  I certainly hope so!

So yes, I’m still a little bit bitter that someone else beat me to the punch, but I’ll get over it… Visualizing myself flying a kite from my rooftop patio 7 stories above the city streets seems to be helping.

And if you have seven figures to throw into a London lair, follow this link HERE for more info.