I’ve recently featured posts on the weeHouse and FlatPak, two exceptional Twin Cities-based examples of stylish prefab construction.  These two visions alone would put most cities on the map as a design hub… well then, I guess its a good thing Minneapolis isn’t most cities!… The sneaky City of Lakes has got a wild card up its sleeve, and this ace of spades is called Hive Modular.

Hive has created a great line of affordable, modern factory built dwellings.  The one pictured above is called the B-Line and is about 1800 sq ft and starts at a reasonable $160/sq ft… Could someone please move that weird looking box out of the way so we can see it???

Here is the X-Line 001, a great option for a small clan of modernists.

And the X-Line 002, a great option for ME!!… As you can see, Hive likes to use a lot of corrugated metal siding.  The textured steel panels may lead many to assume that stepping inside would reveal a cold or industrial interior….Well, oh contrair bonjour!  Let’s take a peak indoors to dispel this notion.

Some pretty warm and inviting interiors, right people?… Don’t let that rough facade keep you away… Hive is kinda like your neighbor’s bulldog… you’re hesitant to approach it at first, but once you recognize it’s harmless, you’ve got a new best friend!

If the building is a bulldog, the landscaping is like a prude poodle.  You know, that well-manicured animal that looks completely disinterested when you try to get its attention.  Again, don’t judge a book by its cover because this poodle can also be your best friend if you make the initial effort towards friendship… Quality modernism needs respect before it can be fully appreciated.

Above is another B-Line landscaped by my good friends Matt Olson and Mike Brady at rosenlof | lucas…. Rolu did an impeccable job of extending the architectural vision of the building into the yard.  On a side note, they produced a great video about a Hive project they worked on.  Give it a gander HERE.

…a little Metro Hippie insider for ya… Rolu also maintains a blog that actually inspired me to start this one!  Check it HERE.

While we’re speaking of blogs… Hive Modular has one themselves! (HERE).  This one is also worth highlighting because it features a project that is quite frankly impossible not to mention…. Hive cofounder Paul Stankey’s personal cabin in Holyoke, MN.

Before: two shipping containers purchased for $800 dollars each.

After! Hit Hive’s blog link above for more info on this incredible project, which will be featured in this month’s issue of ReadyMade magazine.

If you have a couple of spare minutes, there are two more videos on Hive Modular worthy of checking out… The first is from HGTV’s What’s With That House seen HERE The second is a stellar 16 minute vid on the design, building and installation process from DIYnet’s Assembly Required found HERE.


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