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RoboScooter | Urban Hipster's Ride of Choice

RoboScooter | Urban Hipster’s Ride of Choice

MIT, Sanyang Motors and Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute have teamed up to create the RoboScooter, an all electric, emission-free transport solution.  Check this cute little fella out! This thing’s pretty rockin’ for a handful of reasons… first and foremost, the scooter runs gas-free, and obviously that’s cool.  It is also made with only 150...
Philips Eco TV: 42" of HD Efficiency!

Philips Eco TV: 42″ of HD Efficiency!

Generally, television sets and energy efficiency have about as much in common as Tiger Woods and mediocrity…. Many would be shocked if they knew that plasma screen TVs often use more energy than refrigerators! Goooo!  Well my friends, you can now supplement your Netflix addiction guilt-free on the soon to be released Eco TV by...
Who Put That Bucky Ball in a Tree?!?

Who Put That Bucky Ball in a Tree?!?

… Dustin Feider did, that’s who! A homeboy of mine, Dustin started 02sustainability, a company that builds geodesic domes in trees! With a degree in furniture design and a passion for creative problem solving, Feider built his first Buckminster Fuller inspired geo-dome to explore the concept of habitat. The Minneapolis based company is firmly committed...
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