Here’s a nice addition to a metro hippie’s patio… it’s a solar powered table, made by Sudia Design Labs out of the Big App.  The Sun Table features a 64 watt pv panel  which produces enough energy to power a laptop for three hours or so…. I dig the minimalist styling.  Do you?

The table is designed to charge a nickel metal hydride battery, which can then power stereos, laptops, nintendo wiis, etc… It takes about 3 hours to fully charge the battery in direct sunlight.

Also, 90% of the Sun Table can be recycled when it runs its course, so it has a pretty solid life cycle…

You can pick one up for yourself at  Make it snappy though… they have a limited run of 50 tables in production… Their all inclusive price is $3600.  It would take some serious use to reach your return on investment (ROI)… I give mad props to anyone who tries.



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