Briefly highlighting two incredible solar lighting installations:  First is a permanent addition to the city of Pasadena, California’s Glenarm Innovation Corridor, an industrial area that is transforming into a neighborhood for high tech businesses.  The light installation, created by UeBERSEE, consists of dozens of solar powered, WiFi-controlled ‘powerPLANTS’, which rise up to 78 feet above the ground.


The ‘Plants’ self-generate their light through solar power, so there is no need for any cables or wiring.  They also feature flexible beams that create natural, plant-like movement when affected by wind….

Also part of the installation was the inclusion of ‘powerSEEDs’: solar powered lights embedded on site in the sidewalks, creating a dynamic relationship between ground and sky.

Another innovative integration of solar, lighting, and public art was done by Welsh super designer Ross Lovegrove, for the city of Vienna.  Placed in front of the MAK Museum, Lovegrove created a series of ‘Solar Trees’ that again are free from grid electricity….

Here’s a different view of the Solar Tree.

Both projects are incredible examples of contemporary design that bridges the triad of nature, technology and art, worlds that are infrequently connected…. Cheers to more innovations that push the limits of what is possible.


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