For those urban champions out there looking for the perfect 21st century ride, your search is over!  Say hello to the iXi, a fresh take on the beloved bicicleta.

This salty dog packs a lot of punch.  First off… it is collapsible and can quickly be broken down into two sections for easy storage… It also features a grease-free rubber belt drive.  A nice attribute for those of us who prefer our pants clean!


The iXi is truly in its element in the hustle and bustle of the big city… perfect for that urban commute.  Any of you worried about missing your morning fair-trade coffee fix?  No fret… the iXi’s got you covered with it’s optional cup holder!  And what if it starts to drizzle a bit while you’re riding home?  Again… no worries.  See that front part of the frame where it gets a bit wider?  Poncho storage!… no big deal.

You can get your iXi fix on from $799… not a bad price for a ride that is guaranteed to create some jealous looks as you ride past irritated car commuters, java in hand!


About Joshua Foss

Joshua is a leading voice for transformational change. He is the editor of Metro Hippie, co-founder and director of development of the Ecala Group, and adjunct faculty at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He is also an ambassador for the Living Building Challenge and is a frequent speaker at national conferences, trade shows and summits.