MIT, Sanyang Motors and Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute have teamed up to create the RoboScooter, an all electric, emission-free transport solution.  Check this cute little fella out!

This thing’s pretty rockin’ for a handful of reasons… first and foremost, the scooter runs gas-free, and obviously that’s cool.  It is also made with only 150 parts, streamlining manufacturing and repair while keeping manufacturing costs down.  Perhaps the most innovative aspect of the Robo is that it can be folded up to fit in small spaces!  This is accomplished by having motors connected directly to the wheels, combating a bulky engine in the body.

Word on the street is that several Asian and European cities are looking at having a bunch of RoboScooters available for public use.  Individuals would be able to swipe their plastic, hop on and ride away, benefiting local air quality and taking pressure off of parking congestion.  All in all, a pretty swell crack at addressing transit within dense urban areas… I’ll keep you posted as the RoboScooters begin to hit the pavement.