Super jazzed on the the Rainwater HOG, a well designed and recyclable water storage system.  This thang holds about 50 gallons of water and several can be easily connected together, covering watering needs from irrigation, toilet flushing to drinking!

The modular, reusable and fly looking HOG was created by designer and architect Sally Dominguez.  It is made from 1/4″ food grade plastic, meaning none of the product will leech into the water.  It can be easily customized, from vertical installs like shown above, to horizontal applications like under floor joists.

According to the HOG website, up to 9 LEED points can be attained by utilizing the system.  In fact, the highest scoring LEED home to date, the Gottfried residence in Oakland, rocked 9 of these slim water collectors, reducing their H2O demand by 50%.  Six HOGs collect rainwater from the home’s roof and provide water for the dual flush toilets inside.  One is used for watering the family’s potted plants, and the two remaining tanks collect graywater from the tubs, sinks and showers for outdoor irrigation.  I highly encourage you to check out this project’s site HERE to learn about all the eco-friendly choices that were made.

A complete Rainwater HOG kit can be purchased HERE for $465.


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