The U.S. Green Building Council and the American Society of Interior Designers have created an all-star alliance by producing REGREEN, a sustainable-based remodeling guideline.  Different than the USGBC’s LEED certification, the REGREEN program focuses only on residential remodels, offering a thorough review of sustainable strategies through case study examples… Looking to make your own home a little greener?  Search no more… REGREEN might be your new BFF.


The guidelines were created by a team of ASID and USGBC members and invited experts, one of which was my big bro Asa… check out his shout out in the special thanks section below!

You can download the 166 page PDF on the REGREEN website.  It is very user friendly, organizing its content into subcategories like bathroom, kitchen, major addition, etc… Here’s a snapshot of a page on strategies for greening a bedroom.

I really can’t emphasize the value of these guidelines enough… Together, the ASID and USGBC have addressed the vast majority of issues that come up in home renovations and offer viable and relevant green solutions.  Go ahead and save this puppy to your comp and pull it up when you feel inspired to break out those tools come warmer weather.  A link to the REGREEN site HERE.


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