Canadian company Blue Line Innovations has come up with a rockin’ new product to help us save some clams on our electric bill… it’s called the PowerCost Monitor and it displays our home’s energy consumption in real time.  Feel like blasting your stereo, popping some corn in the microwave, or watching 12 hours of March Madness on your big screen plasma?  The PowerCost will help you determine how much each of these decisions will cost ya!

The idea here is very similar to the Wattson I blogged about a month ago (check it HERE).  The PowerCost differs in that it gives you real time data, opposed to subtle changes in LED color like the Wattson does.

A sensor unit is installed to the outside of your electric utility meter and sends a wireless signal up to 100 ft to a power monitor that tells you a number of different things:

  • What your electricity is costing you at that moment
  • Peak consumption in a 24 hour period
  • A disc emulator that spins at the same speed as outside meter (I wonder if it will spin backwards if you’re producing more electricity than you’re using?)
  • Wireless signal and battery strength
  • Total amount spent on electricity (reset each month sorta thing)
  • Thermometer and clock
  • March Madness tournament bracket updates (I wish!)

The PowerCost site claims that as much as 20% can be saved on electric bills simply by understanding the effects appliances, electronics, etc have on your bill.  It doesn’t cost an arm or a leg either… the nifty gadget will set you back about $119 CAD, or about $97 stateside…. You could make that back in a couple months (starting after the tourney’s over, of course!)


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