Generally, television sets and energy efficiency have about as much in common as Tiger Woods and mediocrity…. Many would be shocked if they knew that plasma screen TVs often use more energy than refrigerators! Goooo!  Well my friends, you can now supplement your Netflix addiction guilt-free on the soon to be released Eco TV by Philips.

This 42″ LCD features a 1080p High Definition display with the ability to dim the backlight (up to five times peak brightness) in response to program material.  This allows the tube to use as little as 75 watts while on, comparable to a similar 42″ plasma, which according to the EPA can use as much as 500 watts! (Those plasmas really suck!).

The Eco TV’s standby power is also less than 0.15 watts, which is pretty darn reasonable considering vampire power can contribute up to 10% of our energy bill (or as high as $400 year)!

Philips is on the right track with the Eco TV.  It was recently rewarded Best in Show at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show…. Booyah plasmas!

Look for the Eco TV later this month for around $1400.


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