So there’s a lot of wheelin’ and dealin’ going on in Copenhagen right now.  Countries from all over the world have been meeting for the past week, and will continue through the end of this one to hammer out a vision for a low-carbon future.  The COP15 UN Climate Change conference is what it’s all about and a whole lot is at stake… we’re at a monumental turning point in human history where we are globally acknowledging the effects of our actions and are beginning to transition into a less harmful way of life… pretty exciting, eh?  I for one would say yes, but many individuals, groups and countries are questioning if we’re ready, if this is the time, if real solutions can be brought to the table in Copenhagen with so many different interests wanting their own way.  The uncertainty of how this conference will transpire is certainly evident, but let’s not for a second let it overshadow the solutions that are being presented in Denmark’s capital city…

Helping with this mission of positivity is Ode Magazine.  They created a special publication for COP15 called ‘The Solutions We Need Now’ and are in the process of handing out 75,000 hard copies to delighted conference attendees… It’s a pretty incredible resource with a dominant lineup of contributors, including Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins, Lester Brown, Al Gore, Bill McKibben and Herman Scheer…. remember America’s Dream Team at the ’92 Olympics?  Of course you do!  Well, this is the Dream Team of goin’ green!… But don’t go hoppin’ on a plane just yet to wait in line for your own copy of this rockin’ resource… Ode has also created a digital edition that is free for all to download!

The publication is divided into three sections, What needs to be done… How to do it… and What you can do… scattered amongst these categories you will find articles on how we can make California the world’s first 100% solar-powered state, how Japan is slashing energy use and CO2 emissions by installing fuel cells in people’s backyards, how one can create an energy-positive home, and how nature itself can show us how to innovate, generate wealth and create jobs… the list goes on and on with a total of 26 solution-focused articles!


I could keep writing about how awesome this lineup is, but I need to wrap this baby up so I can dig into this magazine myself!  Click HERE to download your own copy… do it now… NOW I SAY!