I’m not gonna lie… I was pretty darn excited when I came across Grassland, a company from Deutschland that has created art installations out of… you guessed it, grass!

Bernd Oette, a Cologne based designer, hosts the innovative mind behind grassland. He has developed a series of various sizes and shapes to work from. The grass seeds grow on a soil-free material that needs only a little water and light.  They ‘live’ for about two years, slowly evolving from a rich green to a straw color.  A pretty cool concept… wall decor that has a natural life cycle.

So check this out… in addition to wall applications, grassland can come as a grass ball, or ‘Orb’, that can be hung from a ceiling…. Here’s a great shot of the orbs in action.

All grassland products are being distributed through Germany right now… for more info, check out their site HERE.


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