As we continuously develop a cleaner future, alternative forms of transportation will gain more and more attention.  Bicycles, as primitive a technology as they are, will play an increasingly integral role in the shaping of our 21st century communities.  Truth is though, not everyone digs on the bikes.  Many feel they are a step backwards from our current technological and lifestyle standing.  They think, “What gives? Why subject myself to the elements when I have this perfectly appropriate car that will keep me warm and dry? AND it has room to store my golf clubs in the trunk!”… Well, don’t listen to these people… they’re lame for not having any idea how incredibly gratifying a simple ride on a bicycle can be, or for knowing how utilitarian bike design has come… take for example this concept by Puma, who in partnership with KiBiSi and Biomega, created the Mopion Bike, an absolutely lethal taste of a contemporary urban utility.

Hoowah!  I’m in love!  The Mopion is a true work of art!

Puma has been in the bike biz for a couple years now and have pedaled some really gorgeous minimal machines aimed at an eco-minded urban audience…. ya know, metro hippies!  A year or so back I profiled their Glow Rider bike, another mod set of two wheels that not only collapses for easy mobility, but actually glows in the dark for increased visibility when riding at night!  Yeah woo!

Back to the Mopion for a sec… this thing is sick!  It is constructed of aluminum and weighs in at a meager 22 kg, allowing it to ride light even when it’s loaded with several bags of organic produce from a local farmers market.  It comes not only in the white as pictured above, but also as black and multi-colored options…

Puma and KiBiSi will unveil the Mopion later this month at the Eurobike and Interbike shows… it is scheduled to be available for purchase in the spring of 2011… can’t wait!  This thing has ‘daily rider’ written all over it for me!