Metro Hippie is a leading online journal that explores paradigm-shifting ideas, highlighting the most innovative projects, ideas and people out there in a very personal and colorful way. Founded in 2007 by Joshua Foss, Metro Hippie is committed to understanding the big picture and uncovering the tools to help society transition from a world of socio-ecological neglect to one of appreciation and symbiosis. The site’s mission is to show that living green is not so much about sacrifice or compromise, but is more about a mindful intention of living in harmony with each other and the planet.

Living sustainably is certainly easier said then done though. There is an incredible amount of social inertia that is wanting people to maintain and support the status quo. Turn on a TV or open up a magazine and you’ll still be bombarded with the message that having a huge carbon footprint is something to aspire towards… ‘go ahead and drive that big car, have a big house, eat a lot of meat… it’s all about YOU!’… Ick! Metro Hippie is here to promote the opposite, to show that the really cool people are working their tails off and having a great time developing ways to have the smallest eco-impacts… on this site you’ll find stuff like emission-free vehicles, energy-positive buildings, urban agriculture, snazzy green gadgets, and various other ideas that can help us get a shade or two greener on the eco-scale.