Method Homes is a prefab home manufacturer out of Seattle… in years past, they’ve partnered with Balance Associates to produce two lines of dwellings, the Cabin Series and the S-M-L Series.  Pictured below is their production Cabin near Mount Baker, Washington State, which can be rented for $250/night…. man, not much more than a decent hotel room.. bangin’ deal!


The Cabin Series is packed with eco-features and the first worth highlighting is its prefab construction.  I’ve done posts on various other prefab companies in the past, and the benefits of Method’s abodes are basically the same… more control, less waste, faster production, and increased quality.  Method builds each home to LEED Gold standards or higher and has partnered with several green product manufacturers to reach this goal.  My buddy Joel Klippert, creator of EcoTop, hooks them up with his FSC-Certified bamboo and recycled paper counter tops.  Floors by Bamboo Hardwoods, zero-VOC paints by Yolo Colorhouse, and radiant in floor heating by Warmboard contribute to Method’s eco cred.



As you can see, Method is already pumpin’ out some fab work.  When I recently discovered that they are partnering with Skylab Architecture out of Portland on a new urban infill series, I was jazzed beyond words!  Skylab is undeniably my favorite design firm… they produce ridiculously hip, award-winning work, from custom residences to commercial build outs.  Their modern style is anything but cold… they pack their projects full of personality, character and life and utilize materials and textures better than anyone I’ve ever seen….  Let’s take a peak at some of their highlights:


This is a 10,000 sq ft build out of Portland-based NORTH Advertising, which won Interior Design magazine’s 2008 Best of the Year, Small Office award.


Skylab also was the mastermind behind eco-fashion label Nau’s store designs.

Ridiculously gorgeous interior of the Montgomery residence in Portland…. mmm, Bertoia chairs, sunken living room, LED lighting, city views, doesn’t get much better than that!


Ah yes, Skylab’s Hoke residence… this might look familiar to the teeny bopper metro hippies reading this… why?  this was the ‘Cullen House‘ from the Twilight movie!  I didn’t see the flick, but apparently Edward Cullen, the main vampire dude, lived in this house… apparently vampires have exceptional taste!

Back to the point… Skylab’s prefab infill designs for Method will be out of this world… perhaps the new bar for what residential construction can be.  Both sites claim that the designs are in development and will be coming very soon…. I for one, CANNOT WAIT!


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