Linda ‘Lulu’ Aldredge keeps herself quite busy by running Lulu Organics, an environmentally aware beauty company and Lulu is Who?, a portfolio of her design and illustration projects.  Aldredge’s work is hubbed in the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, NYC… her escape is upstate, in a hand built tree house retreat.  Check out this dominant deciduous dojo!

The retreat remotely rocks.  It is without electricity… Lulu uses hurricane lamps and candles to light the digs and stores perishables in canisters.  She also utilizes rain bill to catch water… game on!

Here’s a shot of the interior… the ladder was created from branches collected, not cut, on the property’s site.

And a custom table made from slice of an old tree trunk.

Here’s a view to wake up to.

And Lulu in action, working that machete like a champ!

What a great example of someone balancing city and country livin’.  She’s a real life episode of Green Acres!  In all honesty though… this retreat truly is inspiring.  Its simplicity helps to define its intention as a refuge.  After all, what kind of retreat is a cabin with cable TV, a refrigerator, and running water?  Not much if you ask me… it’s merely an extension of one’s existing lifestyle in a different location.  Lulu’s primitive retreat fundamentally contrasts with her big city moves.  I would venture a guess that it helps instill a sense of calm and beauty that translates into a more inspired and productive life in the city…. moral of the story?  Get out and get your nature on… it will change you!


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