Hans Liberg has got himself one of the coolest recording studios on planet Earth!  Take a look at this woody gem of a cabin, located in the town of Hilversum, The Netherlands.  Put together by his pal, an established furniture designer by the name of Piet Hein Eek, the structure features an absolutely fabulous facade of stacked logs.  Even a row of clerestory windows get the full log treatment, and when opened they fill the compact interior with natural light…


Good mornin’ Hans, thanks for showing us how the windows work!


Note the wheel on the side of the building… this deciduous dojo is mobile!


Yeah Hans… we’re all jealous of your sweet man lair!

In a stark contrast with the textured exterior, the interior is clean and open.  A baby blue hue washes all finished surfaces to visually expand the space.  Floor to ceiling storage maximizes functionality for keeping things like oversized straw hats…




Love it!  Great inspiration for any project, large or small!  I can definitely vibe on something similar to this for a home office or guest quarters in the backyard… heck, let’s go ahead and throw custom chicken coop into the mix… those’d be some happy hens!