Get your fash on, people!  Here is a HOT new pair of kicks from the uber-green shoe company, Simple.  They recently came out with Eco Sneaks, a new line which features a disgusting series of shoes designed by Santa Barbara surfer, Joe Curren.  Ummm…. that perfect pair of beach loafers, anyone?

This pair is called the retire and is natural color…. For someone wanting more of any everyday pair of kicksies, try the snotire in black.

These shoes are undeniably ridiculously fresh… Aesthetics alone might force one to pull the plastic from the wallet and charge it, but these colorful fellas also pack a mean, green punch.  They feature recycled car tire outsoles, organic cotton linings, water based adhesives, recycled plastic bottle laces and 100% post consumer paper foot forms…. These shoes actually make me WANT to recycle…. Oh, did I mention they’re only $65 dollars?  I don’ think I did… well, they’re $65 bucks.

While we’re talking Simple, I’d like to mention another shoe that caught my eye… It’s the Toekyo (below), which in my opinion, is so damn ugly it’s actually cool!

Check Simple‘s site to find your local vendor.


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