Interior Design magazine rocks their Best of Year awards each December issue.  I was amped to see EcoResidence as a feature this year and even more jazzed to see the project that won the title.  New York City architect Joel Sanders and landscape legend Diana Balmori collaborated on a loft renovation for a real-estate developer that makes me green with envy.

photos from Joel Sanders Architects

The 3,100 square foot penthouse packs a serious green punch… sure, it incorporates a plethora of eco-friendly products, but I’m talking real green…. vegetation!  The entire design incorporates a comprehensive veggie aesthetic, from a leafy planter under a stairwell to a living wall in the master bath.

What gets me even more pumped than the gorgeous, open interior is the 2,200 square foot rooftop terrace… Life can never be bad when you’re enjoying sunshine on an ipe deck that’s surrounded by trees and wildflowers… in the middle of the city!

Truly an inspiring project….

This vision of creating a natural oasis in the heart of a metropolis has been fermenting in my mind for years…. seeing examples of this idea in action gives me a blueprint of what is possible… werd.


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