Atlanta is steppin’ up its green game… a new development in the historic Inman Park neighborhood is garnering some solid cred with its progressive design.  Inman Green is the name and LEED Gold, EarthCraft House and Energy Star certifications are the game…

Designed by Rutledge Alcock Architects, Inman Green is comprised of two identical buildings that hold 6 units each… 2 lofts, 2 flats and 2 townhomes create a diverse set of floorplans, each jam packed with eco-features… these include:

  • Rooftop deck with green roof
  • Energy Star appliances
  • Recycled insulation
  • Tankless hot water heaters
  • Drought resistant landscaping
  • Icestone recycled glass countertops
  • Dual flush toilets
  • Bicycle racks
  • Recycled storm water for landscaping



And speaking of features…. check this out… apparently Inman Green has an on-site bocce ball court!  This is amazing and in all honesty, if I were house hunting and someone threw bocce into the equation, it would be hard for me to continue the search!


The project is located about 2 miles east of downtown Atlanta and is proving to be another hip example of a successful infill density development… half the units are still available… if you’re thinking of buying in the city (where the playas play, big beats, hit streets, see gangstas roamin’, and parties don’t stop till 8 in the mornin’), follow this link HERE (and watch out for butterflies).


About Joshua Foss

Joshua is a leading voice for transformational change. He is the editor of Metro Hippie, co-founder and director of development of the Ecala Group, and adjunct faculty at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He is also an ambassador for the Living Building Challenge and is a frequent speaker at national conferences, trade shows and summits.