My friends, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret… walking is the new driving!

Many are discovering the benefits of living in dense areas that are packed full of nearby amenities.  Staying in shape and not contributing any greenhouse gases (unless you’re walking away from a Taco Bell) are just two of the many perks of hoofin’ it.  Walk Score is an application that allows you to measure a specific location’s walkability on a scale of 100.  Grocery stores, coffee shops, movie theaters, libraries, and hardware stores, amongst other things, all contribute to a higher tally.  I did a posting on this a while back, but recently discovered a new endeavor Walk Score has recently taken on.  The Walk Scores of entire cities… On their site is a list of scores from the 40 largest cities.  Let’s take a peak at the results:

#1 – San Francisco, walk score of 86:

The map is set up like an infrared picture, with red representing cooler (lower walkability) and green being hotter (very walkable).

#2 – New York City, WS = 83:

A lot of green going on in these two cities.

Quick breakdown of the numbers:

0 – 49 = Car-dependent
50 – 69 = Somewhat walkable
70 – 89 = Very walkable
90 – 100 = Walkers paradise!

We’ve seen what the top two cities look like… let’s take a gander at the bottom of the barrel.

#39 – Nashville, WS = 39:

Goooo!  That’s a gross looking image… it looks like a dirty lung!  Pick up your game Nashville!

#40 – Jacksonville, WS = 36:

Congratulations Jacksonville… you win the least walkable city in the country!  Your prize?  How about a nice cloud of smog!

Check out Walk Score for yourself… see how your city stands or plug in your personal address to get your own score.  Feel free to share in the comments section below.

Happy trails!