Back in December, a public exhibition in Sydney, Australia featured 6 eco-friendly homes constructed out of different materials including: concrete, glass, wood, clay, steel and cardboard.  The one that really stood out from the pack was the wood residence presented by Xenian LivingLight.  It’s called, get this, the ‘house of the future’!


Pretty stellar design, eh?

There’s really not a whole lot of info on this project when scouring the net for details.  What is known however is that the residence was prefabricated off site, reducing waste with less site disturbance during development.  It also features PV integration, passive ventilation, a rainwater harvesting system, and a sustainable garden built into a patio…. very nice!







One thing you may have noticed from the photos above is the homes’ exceptional usage of LED lighting.  My guess is this has something to do with Xenian, the firm behind the exhibition, which happens to be in the field of architectural lighting.  Color changing LEDs are an obvious choice for their customization and energy efficiency capabilities… with costs coming down as production ramps up, we’ll be seeing a lot more of our diode friends.  Chances are they’ll be in all of the ‘houses of the future’!


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