I’m getting a little spacey on y’all with this post, but this is really incredible and could have significant benefits in the relatively near future…. I’m talking holograms, baby!  We all know the iconic image of Princess Leia in Star Wars pleading for Obi-Wan Kenobi’s help via hologram… the truth of the matter is, the technology to communicate in virtual 3-D is here today.  Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

The combination of mylar screens, high-definition cameras, and fiber-optic networks have allowed hologram technologies to dramatically improve in recent years.

The primary benefits of virtually teleporting yourself anywhere in the world would be saving time and eliminating carbon emissions from travel.  Britain’s Prince Charles gave a speech in hologram at a conference in Abu Dhabi last year on green energy.  He stated that had he flown to the conference in person, he would have emitted 15 tons of carbon dioxide.


Telecommunications powerhouse Cisco has created what they call TelePresence, a system that produces realtime holographic interactions.  Cisco chairman John Chambers and colleague Marthin de Beer demonstrated this technology by ‘sharing’ a stage in Bangalore, India in 2007, despite de Beer being at home in San Jose, California at the time.  Check it here:


Times are a changing, my friends!  Experts are anticipating that holograms could be frequently used within 5 to 10 years by businesses, performers, teachers, churches, etc as costs come down.  This can’t come soon enough as travel via airplanes is a major culprit in GHG emissions…. Heck, in 10 years I might be rockin’ my Metro Hippie blog posts as a GI Joe sized hologram standing on your desktop!  That would be rad!!!


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