“Hello. My name is Wattson.  I can save up to 20% on your annual electricity bill.  And I can change colors.”

The Wattson is a fab tool for cutting back on the juice.  A relatively simple concept brought to life by British design firm DIY Kyoto, a transmitter is tapped into an electricity meter via sensor clips and sends a wireless signal to the fly looking display (pictured above).  The display tells you the amount of juice that is loose via numerical value or ambient light.  The color blue is your friend, purple means average consumption, and red means you need to ease up on the power, man!


If Wattson has the looks, Holmes has the brains (diggin’ on the Sherlock reference)… Holmes is a downloadable program that logs your past 28 days of electricity usage.  Considering covering your home with christmas lights, or having a Lord of the Rings trilogy showing on your big screen plasma?  Holmes will advise you otherwise.

Again, this thing is British and is being sold for 97.82 pounds on DIY Kyoto’s site.  I’m not a currency calculator, but my guess is with the current exchange rate, this would run in the range of $138.92 stateside….. just a guess.


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