A big metro hippie shout out goes to Ecologic Designs for coming up with this epic line of eco paraphernalia. The ‘Green Guru Gear’ features bags, wallets, bags, bags, goggle straps, and bags, all of which are created with utmost sustainable sincerity.  Let’s take a look at the Boulder, Colorado company’s portfolio….. Let’s start with their line of goods made from discarded highway billboards, including this large messenger bag.  The bag has a hemp and cotton cloth interior, a recycled bike tube bottom, and plenty of storage compartments for the gadgets… Suweet!

Next up is their ‘blow out’ series of products which are made from used truck and bike tire tubes.  The allstar of this line is this messenger bag…. check it before you wreck it (which I don’t think you can).

As cool as Ecologic may seem, I’ve however noticed something rather disturbing about them.  They’re prejudiced… prejudiced against non-boarders.  Evidence of this conclusion can be seen in the next two products… The recycled billboard snowboard bag, and the inner tube goggle strap.

Ok… I jumped to conclusions.  My apologies people… Ecologic doesn’t only cater to boarders.  They also sell awesome product to rock climbers, like this hemp and bike tire chalk bag, and recycled climbing rope bracelet.

Speaking of hemp… how about a line of hemp bags?  you got it!


All in all, an incredible eco effort on the part of the masterminds behind Ecologic.  Here’s some words from the company’s website:

“We sometimes forget our actions directly affect our environment. Yet, we cause damage to the environment with our insatiable desire for more gear and gadgets purchased to enjoy the environment, oh the irony. Most of these items are composed of toxic materials and manufactured in questionable environments…. Once we became aware of how products and companies negatively impact the world, we began to look for more environmentally friendly consumer options. Alas, there were too few alternatives to be found. Frustrated yet inspired, we decided it was time for an outdoor product company to make a positive contribution.”


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