My friends Gail Doby and Erin Weir at the Design Success University are hosting the first annual Green Design Summit later this month… a webcast conference geared towards helping designers and architects pick up that green edge.  The teleconference runs June 29th and 30th this month and features a rockin’ lineup of eco-experts including Ed Begley, Jr, actor and environmental activist who stars in ‘Living with Ed’, Penny Bonda, the mother of green interiors, Sarah Susanka, the author of the revolutionary ‘not so big house’ series, Bob Dixson, mayor of eco-town Greensburg, Kansas, and…. ME!!!

I put together a seminar called ‘Building Your Practice Around Sustainability,’ and laid out a bunch of insider tips, including:

  • How to land clients that are thinking green
  • How to control a budget with green materials
  • How to add sustainable ideals into existing practices
  • Existing caveats of green design
  • Some of my fave green products
  • Eco-strategies I’ve incorporated in my own business
Green is steadily growing and it’s here to stay… sitting on the sidelines and waiting for it to come to you is not gonna get ‘er done.  This summit offers some great tools for designers looking to separate themselves from the pack.

Early Bird tix are $247 through June 10th and go up to $297 after that… 5% of proceeds go to the city of Greensurg, Kansas which is being rebuilt to new green standards after a narly tornado wreaked some havoc a couple years back.  Snag a ticket for yourself or join in with office mates to save some $.
More info HERE.


About Joshua Foss

Joshua is a leading voice for transformational change. He is the editor of Metro Hippie, co-founder and director of development of the Ecala Group, and adjunct faculty at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He is also an ambassador for the Living Building Challenge and is a frequent speaker at national conferences, trade shows and summits.