Europe is about to get the HOOK UP with a new set of electric wheels by Pininfarina… their innovative BlueCar is sure to not only turn heads, but raise the bar in what’s currently possible for production vehicles capabilities.  This sweet lil ride straight up surpassed the concept phase and will go straight into production later this year…. Exciting news for a projected 60,000 owners by 2013.


The compact four-seater five-door BlueCar is a 50-50 venture between Pininfarina and Bollore, a company that created the revolutionary battery system that powers the vehicle.  Lythium Metal Polymere (LMP) is a term to familiarize yourself with… this battery technology stores 5 times the energy a traditional one can and will be fully chargeable in hours.  It also requires no maintenance for 125,000 miles… I’m alright with that!  Combined with a device that retrieves and stores energy during braking and puts it back into the battery for acceleration (supercapacity), the BlueCar will get about 153 miles on a charge and top out at about 80 mph.  If you push near the 150 mile range and need a bit more juice for insurance, 20 miles can be added with just a ‘few minutes’ of charging…. Very cool!!!


Did I mention that there are solar panels on the roof that powers some of the equipment?!?… don’t think I did!

Word on the street is the car will not be available for sale, but will be leased for around 330 euros a month in six European countries, which includes France, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and Switzerland (so pretty fair game for all of Europe).  No word on if it will make its way across the pond… highly doubtful unfortunately.  We’re stuck here with our 20.2 mpg average fleet!  Hooray for American efficiency standards!


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