It’s all about the H2O my friends… the clear wet stuff is where it’s at… so yeah, two-thirds of the planet is covered in water, but many of us don’t recognize that potable, usable water is in short supply.  Less than one half of a single percent of the world’s H2O is accessible for human use.  Most of this is used in industry and agriculture, the rest used by peops like you and I.  And our impact is pretty dang big… believe it or not, the average American is accountable for using almost 1200 gallons of water a day… per person… per day… each person… every day… Yowza!

Curious how big your own water footprint is?  Check out… On this site, you can access a Water Calculator, which walks you through all the areas of our daily lives that use H2O… the thing is pretty comprehensive, asking you questions like: ‘if it’s yellow, do you let it mellow?’  Seems like they have pretty much all the bases covered here.  I’m guessing you’re a bit surprised at the 1200 gallons/day number, and frankly, I was too.  But when considering not just the water that we visibly see, like showering, flushing toilets, washing dishes, hosing down a dirty dog, etc, but also the amount it takes to make our food, turn into gasoline and the like, our water footprints can get pretty big pretty quick!

So I took this quiz and my score came out to 533.02 gallons of water per day… half of the average, which is cool, but still a huge amount of water, which is not cool.

To check out the Water Calculator yourself, click this link HERE.


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