Meet the Tango, a micro-sized electric vehicle that will add a rush of adrenaline to your daily commute.  Developed by Commuter Cars Corporation, the Tango is a prototype that’s already hit the streets and turning heads in Cali.  The ultra-narrow vehicle combines the performance of a motorbike, the safety of a sports car, and the design of a landlocked flounder.

The Tango measures in at 39″ wide (5″ thinner than a Honda Goldwing motorcycle), enabling the Zero-Emission Vehicle to split lanes in traffic where legal… Zoom zoom right through that interstate parking lot!

It has a 1 + 1 seating layout similar to that of a cockpit in a fighter jet… I think it would be hard not to come up with Top Gun-based nicknames when riding in this thing… “Goose, there’s a bogey at 4 o’clock!” (Referring to a double-parked Chevy Suburban).

This thing certainly is cute and small, but it’s got a piranha-like bite when it comes to performance… How about 0-60 in 4 seconds and a quarter mile in 12 tics @ 120mph.  Top speed @ 150… I’m thinking this might be James Bond’s next set of wheels.  Imagine an epic chase scene through the narrow alleys of Bruge, Belgium!  And speaking of superheroes, George Clooney (former Batman) hits the pavement in a Tango.

Who do you think Mr. Clooney is waiting for?

The Tango, like I mentioned, is still in its prototype phase.  There are three models in the works, ranging from a $19,000 version to a $108,000 street-legal rocket… I can’t wait for my first dance!


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