There’s something primitive and tranquil about an open flame.  Reading a book, playing a game of scrabble, or enjoying a glass of wine with company are all activities that would be enhanced with the warm glow of a fire nearby…. Fireplaces are not always a homes best friend however.  They can be drafty, expensive, ugly and can compromise indoor air quality.  A new kid is on the fireplace block, and he’s got a lot of cool things going for him… say hello to the EcoSmart.

The EcoSmart comes in dozens of different styles, from inserts to stand alone units.  Each operates on denatured ethanol, a renewable eco-friendly fuel that burns clean and doesn’t need to be vented.  By being independent, it becomes ideal for apartments, offices or commercial spaces like restaurants.

The website doesn’t show price points for the various models, but it does mention that their fireplaces qualify for the 30% off federal tax credit.  That certainly doesn’t hurt.

I’m diggin’ on this coffee table with built in fire feature…. indoor smores for sure!


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