Nothing says America quite like the Cannonball Run… Juiced up, six-figure exotic cars completely disregarding speed limits with cross country glory on their minds… ah yes!  Too bad the race no longer takes place in America… The run, which was started in the early seventies by then Car and Driver editors Brock Yates and Steve Smith, lives on in Europe… The 3,000 mile dash recently took place and an incredible thing happened this year…. a smart car won the race!

The little two seater was not a brand new custom creation.  It was basically a stock car with a couple engine and suspension upgrades from BRABUS… Well, how in the world could it possibly hang with its super-car competitors?  I’m sure you’re familiar with the story of the tortoise and the hare… perfect real world application here.  The 700cc, 74hp, three-cylinder turbo charged smart averaged 35 miles per gallon on the trip and had to make a third less stops than its thirsty supercar rivals.

“The downfall of the bigger cars was that they were forced to stop so often, so while they kept overtaking us, we eventually went past them at the next petrol station when they needed to fill up again,” said David Ward, one of the car’s drivers.  “I think the other drivers initially thought it was a hoax that a smart had entered but they gave us more and more credit as the week went on and, at the end, they were genuinely pleased that we won…. the event has just strengthened my admiration for the car.  The ride and economy are outstanding, you can park it anywhere and there is room for my golf clubs – it’s just a great little car.”

I can attest to this last statement because the smart fortwo is my ride of choice as well!

… and for good measure, here’s an entertaining French hip hop photo montage featuring a Brabus fortwo and friends.


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