Check out this eco-gem of an abode in downtown Toronto!  Designed by Levitt Goodman Architects, the Euclid Avenue House squeezed every bit of cool into a 20 foot wide urban infill lot.  The project is a flawless example of how to take life’s lemons (tiny lot) and make some tasty, tasty lemonade (gorgeous home!).  And God only knows how many lonely lots like this are scattered around North American cities… pretty incredible potential to increase urban density, and do it with style!


Do you see the little guy tucked in there?  So cute!  I love it next to the other two houses… totally unique triad of architectural styles, yet very dynamic and engaging from the sidewalk…

Oh man… I would spend many an hour out back like this dude if I had a patio set up like this!  Nice summer afternoon, favorite magazine in hand, couple dogs running around the yard, maybe streaming my fave radio station on a laptop with public wifi, microbrew in your favorite cuzi on the table, your posse swinging by later for a potluck, followed by a group jaunt over to the local karaoke bar… oh yeah!



I spy Canada Geese!


Gorgeous interior layout!  So much natural light flooding into the depths of the home…


Another incredible element of this project that you might have already caught a glimpse of is its use of vegetation… despite its narrow footprint and proximity to neighboring houses, Levitt Goodman incorporated natural elements and views with every opportunity it could find…

The roof is completely covered in sedums, capturing rainwater and diminishing the urban heat island effect…




Garden off the bedroom… not a bad view to wake up to in the morning, eh?


Photo creds to Ben Rahn of A-Frame Architectural Photography and Levitt Goodman Architects

This has to be one of my fave homes ever… so innovative in its use of space, so practical in its urban location, so beautiful in its material selection, and so healthy withits ample vegetation…. Any realtors out there know of any 20 foot wide lots in the bargain bin right now?