Imagine 18 tons of plastic materials being diverted from a landfill.  Imagine this 18 tons of waste being converted into a mouldable liquid compound that can be poured like concrete.  Imagine taking this mixture of plastic concrete and making a house out of it.  Imagine a Welsh business already doing this.  Imagine their name being Affresol…. Wow, you have quite the imagination!!! And your mind does not lie… this wonderful vision of upcycling is indeed fact, not fiction!

Now some people get excited when watching a competitive college basketball game… others when finding a great deal at a department store.  I personally get excited when I discover an innovation that has the chance to really change the world.  My first introduction to Affresol was one such moment where my excitement levels were high… when I discovered that a whole lot of my least favorite stuff on Earth (plastic waste) could be converted into my favorite things on Earth (modern homes), I literally yelled ‘OH YEAH’ so loud that my cat Old Scratch jumped off the couch!  I love this stuff!

And Affresol has the petal to the metal when it comes to game-changing innovations!  Basically, they’ve created a unique process of mixing polymers and resins with the plastic waste, producing what is called TRP3 (Thermo Poly Rock).  This can then be used just like concrete, and when solidified, TRP3 will be stronger than concrete! Other benefits of the product will be:

  • Excellent thermal insulation characteristics
  • Very durable (estimated at 80 years)
  • Water proof
  • Fire retardant
  • Not susceptible to insect infestation
  • Does not rot
  • Does not leech any harmful elements
  • TPR has a “Low Carbon Footprint”
  • 100% recycleable



So they’re making some affordable modular housing units out of the stuff right now… above is a pic of one such structure made from Thermo Poly Rock… I’m hoping that all TRP3 homes aren’t forced to look like this one… ick!

For more info on Affresol, check out there website HERE