Mariah Power has created the Windspire, a small-scale turbine that is designed for homeowners looking for affordable renewable energy options.  It pumps out an estimated 1,800 kWh/year (11 mph winds) and is approved for urban and suburban settings.  The Spire is 30 feet tall and has a diameter of 24 inches, meaning it shouldn’t throw off any migratory patterns of birds!


Some of the features that encompass the Windspire:

  • Wireless Performance Monitor
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • $4,995 + installation ($1,000)
  • Take 30% of that right off with new federal tax credit!
  • Warranteed to 105 MPH winds
  • Will cover about 22% of average homes electrical usage
  • 5 year warranty

Yeah Wooh!… the Windspire has gotta be one of the most affordable ways to get some renewable energy on your property… More info HERE.


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