Minnesota month trudges on with another incredible Twin Cities based design firm, Alchemy Architects.   Alchemy produces some bomb.com custom homes, but is most recognized as the masterminds behind the oh-so-cute weeHouse… you know, the 341 sq ft gem of a structure.  Here’s its famous photo:

The weeHouse has been the go-to example for living small with style… it is very affordable (about 70k), can be placed just about anywhere, and has a surprisingly spacious interior… check out this pic here:

Totally playin!!!!  here’s its real interior:


The weeHouse is a prefab structure… it’s built in a factory off site, then shipped to its resting place.  Again, this process increases building efficiency and minimizes construction errors.  Many are finding it to be more affordable than site built construction as well.

The weeHouse comes in 8 different sizes, with the 341 sq ft option as its largest…  Obviously kidding…. it’s Alchemy’s smallest.  Here’s a shot of one of their more ‘family-oriented’ homes, this being a 2,200 sq ft rock star with 3 bed and 3 bath, recently built in Minneapolis.

Quite the looker, eh?

Like I mentioned before, Alchemy works on custom home projects as well… they have a really raw, industrial style to their work.  Great uses of unconventional materials.

For more info on the wee, check out Alchemy’s website HERE.


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