I came across this amazing book a while back and have been giving it out like mad to friends.  It’s called WorldChanging: A user’s guide for the 21st century. It’s basically a metro hippie’s fieldguide….

some pretty fly artwork:

The book is edited by Alex Steffen and offers “over 600 pages of the most cutting-edge solutions, ideas and inventions for building a truly livable future, written by more than sixty noted writers and thinkers, with a foreward by Al Gore and an introduction by Bruce Sterling.”

Can’t argue with that, eh?

The book is saturated with all sorts of info, from business (socially responsible investing) to greening our infrastructure, to biodiesel recipes to organic farming…. It really is a one stop shop.

I’ve picked up my copies at a local bookstore…. I’ve also seen it at Barnes and Noble and you can order it from Amazon here for less than $25 clams!!!… But if you wanna be extra green, walk on over to your local bookstore and grab it, that way you won’t have the extra shipping and packaging on your conscience ; )


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