Upcycling is a term that’s being thrown around quite a bit these days.  It’s a really cool concept… basically taking something that is not very useful and turning it into something very useful.  Veneer scraps are plentiful in the woodworking world… Contexture, a design studio out of Vancouver BC, has upcycled these leftovers to create Bentwood, a series of gorgeous jewelry made from wood… check it!

I rock one of these rings and get nothing but compliments when I’m out on the town…. they are quite affordable as well, running a mere $38.

How about a cuff that serves a dual purpose… not only does it look fly on the wrist, but it is formed around a take-out coffee cup so it doubles as a java jacket!  $68 HERE.

Dog tags can be a fresh look… check out Bentwood’s customizabe options HERE.


And for $56, you can complete the set with a custom belt buckle, available in walnut or benge HERE.

Word…. So there you have it… another way to show of your eco-savvyness with style.


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