Throwing a little fash-on love your way… San Fran based SUST produces a beautiful line of clothing for the Metro Hippettes out there who want to look good AND do good.  An assortment of colorful 100% organic cotton tops and neutral bottoms compiles the new Spring/Summer line… Pictured below is the India Tunic, which is a great choice for a proper night on the town AND an adventurous romp in an Icelandic cave.


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SUST has some solid green cred… they work exclusively with U.S.-based organic cotton farmers, ensuring that their money goes to peops who farm pesticide free.  They also produce their clothing in factories located in Northern California… the supply chain is regional which cuts down on the distance their garments travel, and that means one thing… small carbon footprint baby!


When you wear SUST, pants become optional.

Organic cotton is an incredibly important piece of the textile puzzle… a quarter of the world’s pesticides are used for traditional cotton production, which wreaks serious havoc on water and soil.  Also, not many people know that when a pesticide is used in cotton, it stays in the fiber of that cotton for the remainder of its life… so if you’re wearing non-organic cotton to your Bikram Yoga class where it’s 117 degrees and you’re sweating like wookie being waxed, chances are your body is absorbing some of those icky chemicals.  Spare yourself from this scenario and pick up some high stylin’ organic threadz from SUST.


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