I just scored me a sweet pair of vegan kicks by Simple from Fast and Furless in Minneapolis… these puppies, called the Toemorrow, are the bees knees as they feature all the good stuff you’d want wrapped around your footsies…

A pretty stylin’ pair of kicks, eh?!?  I dig the industrial, rawish sort of vibe the Toemorrow puts off… there’s not a straight line or a clean stitch on the thing which actually highlights the innovative materials.

Let’s take a peak at some of these said materials:

  • Pesticide-free hemp sneaker… natural, durable fabric
  • Water resistant Rubbahyde made from organic cotton and all natural latex
  • Water-based adhesives hold the shoe together, no petroleum
  • Bamboo linings, moisture wicking and rapidly renewable
  • Foot form inserts are made from post consumer recycled paper
  • Sole is natural latex and crepe rubber


Simple has been steering the ship of sustainable footwear for a while now… their stereotypical anti-stereotype brand offers ‘good shoes and big does of reality.’  They enforce strong guidelines of ethics for their supply chain, ensuring that every aspect of their shoes’ production is healthy, fair and environmentally friendly.  Do yourself a fave and check out their site for their entire product line.

To wind things down, here’s a snapshot of yours truly wearing the Toemorrow with pride in my apt… my foot looks happy, doesn’t it?



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