Australian Solar Sailor has developed a ‘solar wing’ for ferries or yachts, which harvests both sun and wind energy. Like a large sail, the solar wing can be manipulated into different rotating positions, as well as folding flat in high winds. The vessels can reach speeds of 10 to 13 knots, the same maximum speed as conventional ferries. Even on a cloudy day, enough energy is generated to charge the vessel’s main batteries and keep the boat running.

Solar Sailor-powered vessels are already in service in Sydney Harbor, and the first of these “green ferries” in America could be launched in New York Harbor by Circle Line, which has partnered with Solar Sailor to build a USD 8 million, 115-foot hybrid ferry for its Statue of Liberty – Ellis Island route. And San Francisco announced that it will replace its ferries to Alcatraz with sun- and wind-powered ferries. Tokyo, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, London, Stockholm, Rio and dozens of others to follow?



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