I might get a little emotional with this post, I’m not gonna lie.  The Project7ten LEED Platinum residence is just too funky fresh for words… A moment of silence is in order to absorb the images you are about to see.,,,

This model residence, located at 710 Millwood Avenue in Venice, California draws metro hippies to it like a lightbulb draws moths… It has all the latest eco-features we crave in the dopest packaging one could invent.  Check out this lineup of shots:


more?… sure thing.

The home includes oodles of green components, like rainwater reclamation system and grey water recycling, locally-sourced sustainable materials, recycled content countertops and insulation, FSC-certified lumber, solar panels to power the home, and appropriate landscape to shade the home during the summer and allow light during the winter.  Also, whoever picks up this groovy casa will receive an 18-month lease on a Ford Escape Hybrid.

Anyone out there interested in buying the 7ten?  Well my freinds, this is a little bizarre, but it’s being sold via auction on Ebay!  A link to this story HERE.


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