So musician Neko Case really has nothing to do with this post, but I thought it a clever ploy to get you to read about rockin’ recycled luggage!

I’ve been rackin’ up the credit card points over the years and finally found something worthy of cashing them in on… that would be a set of luggage by Heys that is made from 100% recycled plastic!  The Eco Case is the company’s first ever recycled hardside case, and from the looks of it probably not their last.  I’m by no means a luggage connoisseur, but the product looks like it’s top notch.  It’s design is clean and modern and a 7 year warranty certainly doesn’t hurt it’s promise.

Here’s a staged shot I took of the mama and toddler Eco Cases in my office… they don’t look so bad, particularly on the 85% recycled carpet tiles from Bolyu I installed.

Did a brief search on the price point… a set of three can be found for as little as $300 HERE.

Peace be the journey!


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